Best WordPress Hosting Service 2022

So we've accelerated your social media account but now you need a place to call home. A place where your fans can truly connect with you and find all your content, maybe even exclusive content? Or maybe you're not an artist or public figure but a business or organization and you need a website that keeps a database of members? Products to be shared and sold? A portal for payment processing? No matter your digital need, we have packages built on wordpress hosting to cover.

Wordpress Hosting
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Our wordpress hosting program was created to accelerate your online presence and provides you with the tools needed to capitalize on your target audience. Like most of our packages there are 3 tiers.

Basic package
Unlocks features 1 through 6.

Extra package
Unlocks features 1 through 8.

Ultra package
Unlocks ALL features listed below.

• Domain licensing
• Modern website layout
• Dedicated events feed (where required)
• Dedicated Brand Blog (where required)
• Custom eMail address (limited by subscription period count)
• Custom eMail form (Client accessible)
• Social feed integration (3 Year/5 Year)
• LIVE stream integration (3 Year/5 Year)
• Storefront/Payment integration (5 Year)
• Access to up to 3 Content/Storefront Managers (5 Year)

Additional inclusion
• Customer Support – 48 Hours Resolution Standard

Our typically turnaround time stands as 4 weeks minimum. During this time, we will be providing previews of the initial design for your revision and absolute satisfaction. NB: Production timeline will commence upon subscription enrollment.

Subscription periods
Hosting packages are billed annually – select the package which best fits your needs.
• minimum 1 year
• economic 3 years
• maximum 5 years

Additional requirements
• Client registration
• Package subscription
• Domain transfer (where applicable)
• Custom website content (where desired)