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Your beat is on point, Your lyrics are on point, Your Production and Cover Art are as well. That’s it, you’re ready to release your latest audio content with high expectations. Once you do release however you rake in 100 or less streams. This now brings the reality of algorithm navigation into the picture. Frankly, we’ve been there and know how frustrating this moment can be. We know you didn’t work that hard on your masterpiece for just 100 streams. If you are new to Soundcloud and want to get buy streams or you've been there for some time but haven't been able to grow your account. We've got a tried and tested formula which our clients have depended on for the release of their projects for over a decade. Say goodbye to the moments of seeing your favorite artists and podcasters acquiring a large following and wondering if you can achieve the same results. The answer is yes, yes you can and the best part is, you can achieve it all on a budget too. We get it, you don't want to be the center of "overnight" attention. Maybe you’ve even bought music promotion in the past and got nowhere with it. These days everyone is privy to the "bots" notion. No one wants to be caught with “fake streams.” Everyone wants the highest level of organic marketing possible on their project’s release date. We have been in the market for long enough to have witnessed the formulas which do and don’t work. Our years of research have brought us to a level customer satisfaction that is experienced by each of our clients. As we mentioned above, most people are more concerned than every about “bots” and being shadow banned because of ratios. The truth is however, bots play a major role in buy streams. They are even more essential to audio marketing than most executives and promotors will admit. The main problem is not knowing how to utilize them on a professional level for a desired outcome. If you’ve made it this far, it means you’re ready to acquire the said level service of professionalism and expertise in this area. We’ll get you the streams, likes, reposts, shares, comments and more that you really need to infiltrate the market with your unique sound. No more uneven ratios or inefficient promo you’ve been paying for online and elsewhere. All you have to do is select the package that meets your budget or send us your custom goal for tailoring and leave the rest to us. Send us your song and learn more about how we can help you achieve more below.

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Buy Streams Service

Our buy streams service was created to ensure your content makes a huge, lasting impact, once released in the digital public domain. Like most of our packages there are 3 tiers.

Basic package
Promotes you to an audience of 2,500 unique listeners within one business month. Made possible through AI Assist.

Extra package
Promotes you to an audience of 5,000 unique listeners within one business month. Made possible through AI Assist.

Ultra package
Promotes you to an audience of 10,000 unique listeners within one business month. Made possible through AI Assist.

• 2 Features Maximum For Basic
• 4 Features Maximum For Extra
• 8 Features Maximum For Ultra
• Customer Support – 48 Hours Resolution Standard
• High Quality Digital Interaction Assurance
• Product Delivery Assurance

• Client registration
• Package subscription
• HD Content (where capable)