Best VPN Router 2022

V who? What's that? Two questions, most frequently asked in relation to this product. Let's picture the following scenarios. Your favorite artist just dropped their new album. You're all gear up to listen and hit the play button. Meanwhile your sister is all excited the for latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix and also hits the play button. You both have one problem in common, you're unable to stream because of your geolocation. Stop limiting your access to content. Learn more below.

VPN Router

300 Mbps


128 MB ROM

Dual Ports

VPN Router

If you wouldn’t buy a Ferrari with a Kia engine, then why would you pay for streaming services, without a VPN Router? You’ll literally agreeing to pay 100% of the fee while only enjoying 25% of the content. That’s a bad bargain, if you ask us and we know bargains! So unlock your true potential by optimizing your browsing and streaming experience with one of our VPN Routers. Get access movies, news and sports content that is normally inaccessible based on your location.

Not only does the use of this device aid in unlocking geotargeted content but use of this device also protects you from revealing information about yourself such as your country, city and home address.

VPN Routers start as low as $100 USD, however, using the code received from the social platform or affiliate agent, upon checkout, will unlock an instant discount.