Best Apple TV 2022

You're still overpaying for cable, cinema tickets and using ad-filled, movie websites and apps in 2022? We get it, old habits die hard and we're not here, to not convince you that we have a much better alternative. Who wants to get unlimited, ad-free access, to the latest movies, series premieres, live tv and more for a quarter of the price of cable anyway. We're absolutely not going to not completely win you over on the idea of a plug and play device that gets all of this done for you, called an Apple TV Box. Learn more below.

Apple TV
Apple TV

A8 64 bit CPU


1080p Output


Apple TV

When coupled with our TV Streaming Apps service, your device will unlock access to up to 99 LIVE TV channels and up to 99 On Demand networks. Exclusive services are not included, however, you’re still getting twice the entertainment as opposed to being a fire device user.

Your Apple TV, doesn’t only support unlimited streaming entertainment but also, surfing, gaming and storage for video, images and music.

Apple TV starts as low as $250 USD, however, using the code received from the social platform or affiliate agent, upon checkout, will unlock an instant discount.